Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sneak Peek + Free Promo Offer

I know that's a little clickbaity of a title, but hear me out.

I'd like to extend an offer to everybody. EVERYBODY. I'm releasing a partial list of my MBWS words, and I'd like you and anybody you know to look up a word and use it in a sentence that in some way indicates its meaning.

If you do that, I'll feature that sentence in an upcoming MBWS post (one targeting the word you're using), along with your name (or a PG-rated pseudonym) and a link to your (PG-rated) personal website.

And it doesn't even have to be a word from the list! If you know a word that confuses other people when you use it, or often hear people using incorrectly, I'll add it to my complete list.

Words I've Already Done (don't use these)

assuage, chthonic, copacetic, decimate, grok, obsolescence, obstreperous, propagate, suffuse, tumultuous

Words I've Yet To Do (use these)
derision, dirigible, dysphoria, endemic, furore, furtive, gibbous, harangue, holistic, hoss, iridescence, ken, laconic, lieu, mete, mettle, obviate, ostracize, patois, rancor, repudiate, rugose, surreptitiously, tenebrous, tmesis, trite

If you do have your own word you'd like to use, please remember, I'm not looking for words commonly misspelled. This is about usage alone.