Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Do you know what's worse than no internet?

Do you know what's worse than no internet? Slow internet.

If you're out somewhere and your device says you have no signal, you pop it back in your pocket and ignore it for a few hours. You find freedom from your device.

If your device says you have a signal, but it's slow, tedious, then instead of waiting for it to pick up, you fight with it, wasting more time than you normally would permit for even the simplest of chores, like checking your email.

There's little you can do when the internet is down, there's nothing you can do when the internet is slow. It's a service that many of us pay arm and leg to, that many of us require to work or run our businesses, or have access to for health and safety.

But it's not considered a utility. As long as you pay your bills, the water company doesn't slow down your pressure for using it for certain reasons. They can't tell you it's okay to water your primroses but not your rhubarb. The gas company can't tell you that you can run your heater but not your grill.

So why can internet service providers artificially throttle websites?

"It's taxing our network too much."

I fail to see how that's the consumer's fault. We're paying you to maintain the network. That's what the bills we pay to maintain our connection are for. And if the companies don't have the money to upgrade the network, that's something to be blamed on the senior executives and their enablers, and their well-padded pockets.

We need to tell them it's not okay.
We need to show them it's not okay.

We need to flood their inboxes and their intake offices, and show them what it's like to have your life slow down because of artificial throttling.

And here's the best part: your local representatives in Congress are as much responsible for the throttling as the execs.

This is a democratic republic we're living in. If you don't like what your rep is doing, you're encouraged to do something about it, to tell them how you feel in person, by phone and fax and email.