Sunday, July 2, 2017

Giving Context

If you watch or read my poetry blog, and recently, you've seen a new, strange phenomenon come over my words. Because they've stopped being my words.

It's a political criticism as much as an artistic one: it doesn't matter who said what, or how, as long as the context is twisted--you can make it mean whatever you want; and that everything's already been said. I'm giving credit to every word I steal (which is more than most people do or can do), but if you took the time and effort to go back and find out what was actually said--what was actually meant--you may be surprised.

Out of the three I've "written" (so far, as of the penning of this entry), exactly two words mine own. The rest belong to anyone from Perseus to Tony Blair to Kurt Cobain. I don't choose quotes by who says them or what they intend, I choose quotes by what I can twist to suit my own means-- and that share words.

Watsky's "I have the audacity" is followed on its heels by Issa Rae's "audacity to question". Neil Gaiman's "play and dance and live" bleeds from Kurt's "hide in the back and just play."

All these words have been used before and by others, and they don't belong to any of us; all anyone does is take them and twist them around. The only difference is that I'm giving credit.