Sunday, August 6, 2017

IIWK: Vet Desensitization Day

Most of the animals I know don't like going to the vet, and it's with good reason: they poke and prod and sometimes stick them with needles, and though they give pettings and treats it's still and uncomfortable experience and foreboding memory.

If, on the other hand, vets offered desensitization visits, maybe on a slow day, or when they might be otherwise closed for business, when their clients could come in and be merely lavished with attention--essentially, making a good memory--then it might be less of a thing to be feared.

Because trips to the vet are out of concern for the pets' health; regular wellness shots or when they're just not feeling healthy. We know that when we go to the doctor, it's because we need to, that the poking and prodding and stabbing is for our continued good health. Oftentimes your pets don't feel better until after you bring them home and start treating them with the products and advice you got from the vet, so they get a happy memory at home, and not one for the vet.

A regular desensitization visit could do a lot to their attitude toward visiting the vet. Sometimes the visit is happy and sometimes it's not, but an uncomfortable pet is often an aggressive pet, and locking one of those in a small, strange room with someone you only know by their poking and prodding is usually a bad idea.