Sunday, November 12, 2017

National Not Writing Month

I don't like forcing myself to write. For others, it may work just fine, but for me... well, I burn out easily. So usually, when this month comes around, I set myself a challenge that it's quantity-based.

That's all the standard NaNoWriMo challenge is: write so-and-so many words in a month. They're just words, they don't have to mean anything or even tell a story. You could write "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" five thousand times and still get the requisite fifty thousand words that make up the standard challenge.

Usually, mine is the matter of a collaborative universe or story, and you can see past endeavors here.

But this year, I'm not doing anything.

Oh, I've got ideas. I get ideas all the time. I'm just not feeling so much of the ache of words that need to get out. It could be as much a side-effect of being more involved in other creative ventures (yes, my writing has suffered since starting my YouTube channel, though not as much as it did when I was trying to run a podcast) as simply having a job now that's sufficiently fulfilling and consuming of my mental bandwidth that I don't have as much time to wonder about the things that drive my writings.

Maybe it's a little sad. But it's also a little satisfying.