Sunday, December 31, 2017

Insufficiently Long-Term Thinking Terrorism

The only people who are benefited by a lackadaisical education are the competition. Whether that's the companies that don't hire them or the economies that don't suffer to support them is immaterial. It's almost a wonder we don't have long-term thinking terrorists seeking to drive down the quality of our future's education.
 - Ace Edmonds, online forum

I suppose we should be grateful that such things are limited to the pages of novels.

It doesn't stop from occurring to me, however, that we are giving our enemies exactly the tools they need, the ideas they need, to utterly destroy the way of life that they so detest. It could be remarkably easy, if they only had more patience.

Consider the recent presidential election.

There's only trouble to be had if there was collusion between politicians and hackers. But if the hackers acted on their own to corrupt our democratic process, then only they would be at fault for ending up with a shit-for brains candidate (I'm not suggesting that our current elected officials are eligible to be called "shit-for-brains; I'm suggesting the possibility that if one were to run, and if hackers were to independently procure a win for said candidate, more terror than a few collapsed buildings could ensue).

We should be grateful, then, I suppose, that ISIS is impatient.

Unless, of course, they just want us to think that they are impatient.