Sunday, February 4, 2018

Subtle Tyrrany

You might have missed my last couple of posts on this blog, depending on where you've subscribed to me, because I get a high percentage of click-throughs from Facebook, and they have only just recently started flagging my posts as spam.

Click on the screenshots of the posts and they'll take you to the respective blog entries.

It feels almost ironic, that I start talking about governments and governing, but without all the pointing of fingers, and suddenly I'm getting spam reports. For all the posts that do involve the pointing of fingers that get through the filter and I'm... not?

It reeks of irony. It isn't actually irony, though.

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  1. That actually just looks like Facebook's bots finding many things on their tick boxes. A friend's clickthroughs are also blocked and they're sharing pictures of farm animals.

    It's a nasty result of Facebook being run by computers than people. And if governments could get away with it so easily...


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