Sunday, February 25, 2018


Truth is singular. Lies are words.
 - Madam Vestra, Doctor Who

Did you like last week's message? I hope not. Liking isn't the point. Getting you to listen, to think, to respond is the point.

I don't know how you responded. I'm writing this at the same time as writing the post you presumably read seven days ago. If you begged me to go back to my old line of writing, well, that's just too bad, because I have a whole line of this waiting in the wings, and we'll work through a few more, and still more after that if my advertising campaign yields any fruit.

This is going to be the new normal for a little while, and whether this new tangent yield more audience participation or a smaller audience remains to be seen. Either way, the chaff must be separated somehow, and this seems as good of a way as any to do it.


  1. I'd be cautious calling us Chaff...especially when your ads are "Writing tips for Authors--Download all our free guides". That one screams scam and no one with sense will click it. And remember how much trouble you had/have posting on certain bits of my site? Many folks would've given up.

    Not that I'm blaming you for what your ads are showing, you have little more control over than than someone on project wonderful playing tricks with theirs. But do you see what I'm trying to say?


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