Sunday, June 3, 2018

IIWK - Camping - Part One

I often wonder if there are many people out in the wide world who wonder about camping, desire to go out, but lack the gentle introduction opportunities that those of us who grew up with family, friends, or schools that engaged in hiking, camping and related activities.

I know some camping supply stores offer classes, but while they can be useful (and double as an opportunity to get your potential customers to buy more stuff), they generally take place inside the store and are limited to a couple hours on a single day.

I'd like to see an Introduction to Camping and Hiking for Adults offered by the National Park service or BLM. It wouldn't have to be taught by the Rangers themselves, but they could bring in a consultant, charge a fee for the class, and all revenue goes to the park and the consultant fee (if applicable).

It's practically one-week scouting for adults. I didn't stick around in scouting as a kid (for a multitude of reasons), but I almost feel as if I missed out on any learning experiences on "roughing it," especially now that I'm finding my own joy in camping and hiking.