Sunday, July 1, 2018

If Everything's Alive, Then Everything Hurts

The saddest thing about an animal
Is how quickly it's death doesn't matter..
The saddest thing about an animal
Is that we are all animals too!
 - "Hard World" by YACHT

Before you came we lived in peace
But you have brought us death
I sing my pain up to the moon
But it's a waste of breath
Because I don't speak human
 - "I Don't Speak Human" by Omnia

I'm definitely not perfect. I don't even really try to be perfect, because I have enough issues with setting myself up for failure as it is. I used to be, but then I developed my current (and very much not recommended method for dealing with stress), and that all went out the window (and shattered when it hit the ground).

But when it comes to how I treat nature, that's one of my non-negotiables. There's no give. I'm a fervent believer in Leave No Trace, and I do my best to minimizes my overall impact on the environment.

Yes, I still have a hammock, but I have caused no harm to a tree from using it. (That's a common and irritating misconception. If you're respectful and using the right equipment, tree damage is highly optional.)

And I believe that animals deserve the same (if not more) respect than most humans are do; more because they're often unwilling participants (or victims) of human machinations.

I think that's a big part of the reason I settled on pantheism. Animals are people too People are animals too.