Sunday, July 22, 2018

IIWK: A Simple Kitchen Policy

I spend a lot of time in other people's kitchens. That might sound a little creepy, until I tell you that they not only invited me in, but paid me to stay.

I'm a pet sitter.

Everyone has their drawers laid out a little differently, not just in arrangement around their kitchen, but also by what they store where. And there's one little, very simple policy that I think everybody should follow and most (but not all) people do.

You should store your oven mitts and pot holders in the drawer to the right of your oven or stove. Unless you (the kitchen owner) are left handed, and then use the drawer to the left.

If you don't have a drawer to the right or left of your oven or stove, whomever designed your kitchen is probably an idiot. Third choice is across, but it's not ideal.

If you store your oven mitts and pot holders any further than arm's reach away, then you should never have guests in your kitchen. Because people don't always go looking for your oven mitts when thinking about baking something. It's only after they're started and it's too late to turn back, when the contents are approaching a dangerous temperature, when the timer is just about to or already going off, when their food inside is at the tipping point between perfection and inedible... that's when they look for your oven mitts.

And the first place we look is in the drawers adjacent to the cooking area.