Sunday, September 9, 2018

Pillowfort and Online Status Symbols

This is my life
It's not what it was before
All these feelings that I've shared
And these are my dreams...
 - "So Far Away" by Staind

Step One to joining any new website, not just new in the sense of new to me, but new-new, as in new to the world, is to reserve the shortest username you can. There's a reason why some of the people I know who either have kids or are planning to have kids has already set up email addresses on their choice email service providers before the kids need them (and well before the kids get tired of having quirky, cliche names in their email address).

The reason is that there's a serious shortage in usernames for the popular domains, usernames that don't contain a long string of annoying numbers and actually resemble your actual name at least a little bit.

But it's something of a status symbol to have a really short username, so when you get the opportunity, you should take full advantage of it.

Pillowfort is an up-and-coming blogging platform, and right now it's in closed beta. I got in by backing it on Kickstarter, and I actually bought in for two accounts, the second of which doesn't yet have a destination.

I don't have any plans right now for the account, so it's just going to be another clone/mirror for my blog and writing content.

But I did get my username.

I'm DC. Two letters. That's pretty damn bold.

"Ace" was already taken, and I didn't want to be "AE" (which was available), but when I saw that "DC" was free, well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

As I said, Pillowfort is in closed beta right now, so you can't join if you don't want to drop a little cash, but you can still pop in and take a look around. Just go to this login screen and click below the login that says "Login as Demo User."

Then feel free to look me up. Just search for "dreamclassier."

Now I just have to decide what I'm going to do with my other invite code...