Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Cold War

I'm getting out, gonna write myself a new start
Come on, dry your eye, meet me on the other side
Run as fast as you can and we'll make it out alive...
 - "Get Well, Part 1" by Icon for Hire

Can't undo the scars
All up and down our hearts...
 - "Get Well, Part 2" by Icon For Hire

Make me better...
I've never done this before
 - "Supposed To Be" by Icon for Hire

Every person I've spoken with, either in person or online, found IFH in the deeps and the darkness, clawing at the edge just trying to hold on. Goddess knows I was there too.

"Get Well" was the first song I heard, and it wasn't so much a light but a hand. Their music doesn't clear away the darkness, doesn't part the monsters and the cobwebs. But it does help lighten the load. It reminds you that you're not in it alone.

I've run this blog for the better part of a decade, and many of those days were very dark indeed. But nobody can give you a light to find your way out of it, you have to find your light and your way out. But that doesn't mean you have to be alone in the darkness.

I'm doing better now, but as I tend to tell other people, I'm a recovering pessimist. It's pratically a euphemism for depression.

And I still don't believe there's a cure. Antidote, perhaps, but I'll always be waging this war, it's just a little colder than before.