Sunday, November 11, 2018

IIWK: RFID Election Pickets

The most annoying thing to find on the day after election day (after recounts and your choice politicians not winning) is driving around and seeing all the little picket signs cluttering up the shoulders of the road.

Their numbers always swell the closer we get to an election day, especially around here for local elections, like Sheriff or State Representative, but the day after, and sometimes for weeks beyond, when those signs are little more than garbage cluttering up sight-lines and blind corners...

Technically, if it's on private property, you can keep them up as long as you want, but why would you do that? It merely paints you as a sore-winner or sore-loser, and probably doesn't do your property values any good.

Should there be a fine?

But for there to be a fine, you'd need to know who to fine. Just because it's on someone's property doesn't mean they put it there, and if they're out of town for election week (honestly, so many people vote early and so many places offer it, it's not a big deal).

When you buy pickets, maybe they should be registered. I'm not suggesting getting a big black marker and scribbling your name and address illegibly on one side. I'm suggesting an RFID tag. They cost pennies, can be intergrated into the sign itself so their existance doesn't obstruct the message, and they can be, at least in some part, obfuscated so any scammer with a scanner can't just come by and harvest your personal data.

And then, if your pickets are still up a week after the election, or whatever your local jurisdiction decides is the limitation, an officer can drive around with a scanner, collect the data of everyone who is in violation straight from the signs--no need to ring your doorbell--and mail you the ticket.

RFID tags can do so much more than just make sure you're not stealing something from the store. And if you've got any other ideas how they might be used, feel free to leave a comment below. If I expound upon the idea, you'll get free promotion on this website, indefinitely.