Sunday, December 16, 2018

Finishing Is Hard, But Starting...

Starting is relatively easy. At least for me.

I know it's practically cliche for writers to claim the first sentence is the hardest to write, and in many ways, that's true. For me, that's mostly only true if I try to start at the beginning. If you've read pretty much anything that I've written, though, you know that I prefer starting somewhere in the middle.

I do it because that's what most of the books that have sunk their teeth into me did. And one of the ways of learning to write well is reading and emulating what you like reading. And middles tend to be far more interesting than beginnings.

Which is probably why I am so horrible at finishing projects of any sort, but am really good at starting new ones. (This is not true at work, dear potential managers reading this. Work duties have a clear formula how to progress. Creative projects are never so cut and dried. At least, not mine.)

So I started a new project. Please don't celebrate.

It's a project I should have started a long time ago. It's a project I've been wanting to do for a long time. And it's also a project that has a clear start, middle, and end. It's not terribly creative.

Back when I started writing, I did everything by hand. I hand wrote everything first, before typing it up later.And so, it came to pass that I had stacks of notebooks full of writings. Some of them got typed. But all of them got put in a plastic milk crate. This would be the end, but I didn't stop writing.

So I got a second milk crate.

These two milk crates have been following me. I cart them with me to everywhere I've lived.

They're staring at me as I speak.

So the project is digitizing them. But of course, that's not enough for me. I need them to be presentable, and so I'm typing them up. I need them readable, so I'm typing them up (no OCR, please, my handwriting was still evolving). I need them organized, so naturally I started a new blog for them.

Yes, I know. "Just what you need, another blog."

It's slow going, it's taxing, but it's work I must do if I ever want to stop dragging these milk crates hither and yon for the rest of my life.

Welcome to the deep archive.

(Yes I know pw TLDs are statistically the most likely to contain spammy or scammy or virusy content. But they're the cheapest TLD too. There's probably some correlation there. Or causation. Whatever.)