Sunday, March 31, 2019

Different Doesn't Mean Difficult

I keep trying to recruit people to Scuttlebutt. It's not working.

Independently, I'm also trying to steer people away from Facebook. That's not working either.

People are inherently conflicted. I know that. I've talked about cognitive dissonance before, but it's just so frustrating. It's the same people I hear complaining about Facebook selling their data and their personal information who spend hours a day on it. Instead of backing away, they just keep feeding it more and more data.

And I think SSB (Secure Scuttlebutt) is the ideal solution. I'm saying that as a guy who doesn't fully understand all the nitty-gritty, and sometimes isn't the best at explaining everything, but is usually pretty decent at "dumbing things down" so that those who are even less techie than I am can follow along. And I'm also the guy who tries all the different options, so I know what the choices are and what could and would work better for what they currently have.

And it's Scuttlebutt.

The biggest problem, I think, is that people don't like the idea of connecting via gossip, or as I prefer to present it, "handshakes." Most of the "Facebookers" (that term is slowly becoming more and more derogatory in my mind) that I know actually have face-to-face interactions with most of the people in their network. This is something that Scuttlebutt does fantastically, and it means that they don't need a "pub" to connect to. You sync your accounts when you're on the same network, and when you're not, you go and live your life while perusing the past entries that your friends have created. And then you see each other again, catch up both face-to-face, mouth-to-ear as well as device-to-device.

You don't need to know what your friends are doing up to the minute. "Catching up" once a week or month won't break your friendship.

But no. Instead of Living, they'd rather get sucked into the Endless Scroll, where you're not even guaranteed to see all their posts. Instead, you're treated to some third-party ranking system that you don't get any say in, interspersed with advertisements.

Yes, I'm connected to two pubs. But I'm trying to reach a broader audience. I'm using Scuttlebutt as a blogging platform (albeit a mirror) to expose my words to a broader audience. One to three degrees of separation won't do it, especially since most of the people in my proximate socio-geographic network are Facebookers (it's even devolving within the post; if I'm not careful, I'll start sneer when I'm just thinking it, not even saying it aloud).

Scuttlebutt really isn't that complicated. It's just different. It's no different than the learning curve you went through when you first signed up with Facebook (yech), except there's no centralized ruling body looking over your shoulder. It's you, your friends, and their friends.

If you only give it a try, you might even find it easier than the F-word.