Sunday, April 28, 2019

IIWK: A Dating-Type Site That Isn't About Romance

"That's a summary of what you talked about, and the numbers are how many other visitors to the booth have confessed the exact same thing."
 - from "Why Non Religious Confessionals Should Be a Thing - People Watching #2" by Virus Comix [link]

My Hobby: Taking advantage of the fact that some specific dreams are weirdly common, but not everyone who has them realizes this.
 - from xkcd #719 by Randall Munroe

We all have our insecurities. We all have little brainworms that drive us crazy and we don't like talking about because we're worried about what other people would think. But the sad thing is that we share more of them than we probably think.

Could be that we need a social app for meeting people just to talk to. Call it The Teahouse or something similar. An app to meet friends, nothing more. I do actually believe there's a niche for it, given the seemingly growing population of young adults who don't want children, which is something of a problem in countries like Japan that already have a shrinking populace.

I don't mean to imply that just because younger generations are having fewer children also means they're having less sex. I doubt that very much. But I find myself struggling to find venues to make friends around my age, given the proliferation of technology among my generation. And making friends on networks intended for the purpose of hooking up is difficult at best, while at worst you're accused of using "making friends" as a guise for getting some "benefits" on the side.

Alternatively, if there were an app intended just for finding people to talk to or making friends, those seeking sex and relationships would hopefully be in the minority, instead of the other way around.