Sunday, July 7, 2019


Part 1

I do not apologise for my language. Y'all are dumbasses and deserve it.

We are Americans.

We have a history of being bitterly divided over our first and second amendments.

But we also have a history about being idiots about our other rights.

You can't claim a right to privacy if you air all your dirty laundry, not just on a public forum, but on one that has a history of lying to you.

If your bank sold your personal data to the highest bidder, they wouldn't be your bank any longer.

If your government colluded with foreign powers and contributed to global terrorism, you'd sure as shit, vote those fuckers out of office and install somebody else in their place, and if that didn't work, the streets would flood with protests until it did work.

We are fucking Americans.

And you're posting all your dirty laundry on a website that does nothing but lie to you. Even if you closed out your account, and told them to delete your information, I'd bet you dollars to doughnuts that they won't.

And you're grumbling about it.

We're great grumblers. We're fantastic about exercising our first amendment rights to complain about shit.

But we're real shitheads when it comes to doing anything about it.

Y'all are happy to complain. Y'all don't want to spare the time it takes to fix what you're complaining about. You won't even let somebody else fix it for you. You would rather complain about the platform that betrayed and has continued to betray you, and post those complaints on the platform you're complaining about!

Grow the fuck up and commit to doing something about it, instead of just sitting on your ass and complaining.

(Apologies to non-Americans. Y'all rest of the world probably have plenty of dumbasses in your countries that this applies to.)