Sunday, September 1, 2019


I know it sounds like a clickbaity title, but it's not. I really have an alert, you really need to pay attention, this is pretty damn important, and it's taking a lot of effort on my part to be civil on the matter.

It doesn't matter where you are, what you're doing, or who has right-of-way, you should always look both ways. You still may have a collision, but it will probably be less extreme and violent.

Stepping out of the office? Look both ways.

Getting out of bed? Look both ways.

Next in line to buy a mochafrappelattemerdegowno? Look both ways.

Green light? Look both ways.

Turning onto a one-way street? Look both ways.

Standing perfectly still? Look both ways.

Colliding with a coworker might be higher on the scale of awkwardness than on the scale of pain and suffering, but it could be avoided entirely. Just because you have right of way doesn't mean somebody else isn't going to be stupid and try to take it from you.

I've avoided so many vehicle collisions for no other reason than because I wasn't first off the block when the stoplight turned green. It might be snowing, or raining, or they're driving on bald tires, or their brake fluid is leaking, or they're texting or running from the cops or think they're alone.

It's not flawless. Some people are just oblivious.

Even if you think you're alone, look both ways.

Normal posts should resume next week.