Sunday, September 8, 2019

Rebuild Together

This post was originally scheduled for September 1, but due to extenuating circumstances, it was pushed back a week. If you have not read last week's post, I highly recommend that you take the time.

"Try to limit the amount of damage you do to none ****ing whatsoever."
 - DCI Alexander Seawoll, from The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch

That's generally a pretty good policy... unless you want to see progress done in the world. Does "well behaved women rarely make history" (attributed to both Eleanor Roosevelt and Marylin Monroe) ring a bell?

Mostly, that statement holds true for everyone, not just women, and most certainly for political office holders, the more benign of which only American History fanatics can remember the names.

Here, I've had a couple of attempts at stirring things up, and they mostly resulted in my audience threatening to go somewhere else, so I keep that to my art and keep this blog to documenting my eclectic perspective on the world.

Sometimes, the only way to fix a problem is to make it worse first. I said that several years ago, and only recently found someone who worded it better than I could, and is more of a reputable statesman than I am.

I saw Daryl Davis on RHH last week, and he told a metaphor about a broken limb. fell, you fracture your leg. You go the to doctor, and the doctor says "Well, Russell, the type of fracture you have, I have to break the bone and reset it right so it will heal properly." That is precisely what Donald Trump is doing to the United States... He is breaking the bone of the country. Not by any intelligent design, you understand... That needs to happen.

My country was built on two tiers: white supremacy and slavery. ...When we progressed, we progressed like this [hands raising at same time, but not level]... When Donald Trump gets done breaking the bone of America, everybody is going to be hurt, black, white, Muslin, Jew, Christian, rich, poor, male, female; we all will be hurt equally, we all will be on the ground level. And we will have to rebuild together.
That's a little bit more graceful than my blunt "before you can fix what's wrong in the world, you have to let (or even encourage) the situation to get way worse" in July 2016.