Sunday, November 10, 2019

IIWK: Quote Context Lookup

Even now I'm scared how sappy this will look in print, saying this.
 - David Foster Wallace

I use a lot of quotes from people, either it's something they said, or something they wrote, or something they sung. And I'm notorious for taking things intentionally out of context and using them to suit my own means.

But sometimes I wonder if you or I might want to find a broader context from whence they came. Google is great for most things, but as there's no singular place to find quotes (I tend to use Goodreads and BrainyQuote), this one might be more of a stretch than some of the other IIWKs I've done, and that's saying something.

As for the quote above, I have fourteen words that precede it, but that's it. Unless I do a little digging, and get very lucky with a Google Books result.

That sates my curiosity, better than just those extra 14 words could do alone.

But sometimes, you don't get so lucky.