Sunday, December 8, 2019

Eight Years Starting... Now

In some ways, it feels longer; in others, it feels shorter. I suppose it mostly depends on how your life has been, emotionally, over that time.

In any case, I've been thinking for the last couple years that I might do something special for my tenth year of blogging, and this post is here to let you know you have only a limited amount of time to think about it.

At the start of Year Nine, I'll be posting on what I've decided I'm doing to celebrate, and what audience participation (if any) is necessary for the celebration. Unless you think I should have stopped long ago, in which case, it's a reminder to rev up your cursing all the more fervently.

I don't plan to stop after ten years. I don't plan to change much either. But I would like to wave fondly at the landmark as it passes by.

I've been thinking about giving you guys the opportunity to nominate "top" posts for different categories, each of my series, that sort of thing. You can participate honestly, if you like; or you can skew the results.

Either way, there will be an offering post about a year from now, detailing what plans I have for the celebration. I'll be allotting a year of prep, and then publish the results in December of 2021, on the week of.

So if you want anything special, this is your chance to ask.