Sunday, March 29, 2020

Redesign Announcement

In February, I redesigned my Support page.

I'm only telling you about it now because this is the first hole in my posting schedule since the update. Most of my posts between then and now were on a strict schedule: they had to go up on a certain day or in a certain order.

And frankly, not many people care.

But that's fine.

For those few who do care... it's been updated. It's been cleaned. It's even been organized.

The old version was over-cluttered with tired, retired, expired services, but they're all now pushed to the bottom. And there's hardly any means that require the spending of money. So if you don't like spending money (can't say I blame you) there are other ways you can help out.

I've even posted a bunch of options that allow you to earn money too. They are cryptocurrency miners that I've done my homework on, and they don't expect anything unreasonable. They have minimal affect on battery draw (two of them have no affect at all), they don't mine or sell your data (as far as I have been able to tell)... all it takes it that you sign up and use my referral code. I don't even get to see your account unless you reach out to me. You can help us both out and keep your anonymity.

And if you just want to look at what's there and not try anything out, that's fine too. I still offer one hundred percent of my content free of charge.