Sunday, March 8, 2020

Would you recommend this product to your friends and family?

I hate when companies ask me that. I understand that they feel the need to turn as many of their customers into brand ambassadors, because word of mouth works better than practically any other form of advertising (except perhaps brainwashing or being the only option on the market that does the thing).

Hell, I've been in that situation, where I ran my own business where my only advertising was word of mouth. So yeah, I understand the struggle and the pain.

But I suffer a bigger issue, where people mostly don't care what I think about things. I'm not an influencer, not a leader, not parting any great Red Sea of opinion or fake news. I'm an armchair activist without a choir to preach to.

I don't recommend things to my friends. I'm not entirely certain how we're friends, because we don't really have many things in common, but we still manage to be friends.

I don't recommend hair care products. I don't recommend tree-free toilet paper. And I definitely don't recommend books.