Sunday, April 5, 2020

Too Much of A Good Thing Is Bad

The problem with Americans is that they have too much freedom.

That's a weird thing to say, given how the US has a larger per-capita population incarcerated (and an overall population incarcerated) than any other country, first world, third world, you name it.[1]

But the problem is, if you want Americans to do something, they'll whine and bitch and moan unless you can convince them it's in their best interests. And even then, some of them will ignore it, just because they feel like it.

Take China. I know it's a communist state pretending it's a socialist state, but if their CDC advises that people should wear masks in public, their population puts on fucking masks. No legislation has to be passed. Better still, those who don't follow along are shunned until they do.

China beat the virus; we should be taking full advantage of every piece of advice they give us and be grateful they're not charging us for it. Their population is quadruple ours and yet their per-capita death rate is a tenth of ours.[2] That alone should be evidence enough.

There's a legal mandate in most of the US right now, telling people they need to stay home, not gather in groups, wear face-coverings to protect themselves and others... I have neighbors who are still going out partying every night. My work (critical infrastructure) has two unconfirmed cases, and yet still I can count on one hand the number of people wearing masks (don't worry, I'm one of them). Churches are refusing to close[3]; there's a Baptist school a few hours away that until two weeks ago was still open for students[4] (probably one of the last schools in the state to close and definitely the last in the county)

Look, if these people were only hurting themselves, I'd be all for it, we'd have a hell of a Darwin Awards party at the end of it all. But they're putting innocent lives at risk, people who actually do care, who actually are trying to be safe.

And that's not okay.

It's no wonder the rest of the world turns their noses up at us. Hell, I hate the "American mindset" and I was born here! Y'all don't look like adults at all, just a bunch of screaming, mewling, petulant children.

Grow. Up.
And do it before you kill us all.