Sunday, June 7, 2020

All I can do is watch and wait

I'm not an activist. I don't have the stamina to be angry enough or stay angry enough to pull it off.

I hate what's become of our home, our country, our world.

It scares me to hear so many people say that peaceful protests don't work. It terrifies me that so many are so easily slipping into the mindset of a mob, and causing fear and destruction to people, businesses and property that don't condone the behavior that you're trying to quell.

Yes, many large corporations have done a great deal of harm to our democratic process. But attacking them from the streets is moot. They have insurance, they will either rebuild or leave. And as so many tales of the economic destruction of Walmart closures have told, when they leave, it doesn't get better; it gets worse.

And the small businesses that remain, that do and have and continue to hold fast against tide of rampant consumerism are the ones paying the price. If the pandemic didn't kill them off, this degree of destruction will.

Books are burning. Bookstores are burning. Literally.

I'm not a leader. I'm not a follower. I'm not good at playing the pacifist or the conscientious objector. I'm a soapbox surrounded by people on step ladders and cherry pickers. I'm little more than a quiet whisper on these pages for the few who bother to look.

And I'm very, very frightened.