Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kai'ckul and Surprisingly Narrow Bedside Table

Well, actually, it's a hammock-side table.

So, I received a new Kickstarter reward earlier this month, the Sandman Doppler from Palo Alto Innovations. Except I didn't get the full production model, I backed for the limited Beta test (and saved a few bucks for it, with the assumption that I'd pay for it with detailed feedback).

I mean, I'd be giving detailed feedback anyway, but this assures that the company actually listens, even if they don't do anything about my feedback.

And I have done just that.

Two posts hit my Reviews blog earlier this month, and I'm due for a third one someday soon, when I can gather together enough talking points and throw up something about living with it within a longer frame of reference.

I mean, it's pretty much just an alarm clock with a decently-sized built-in USB charging hub, but it seems to have hopes of being more...

I'd say more, but I'd be encroaching on the posts I've already made, so better to just give you folks the links and left you read the reviews for yourselves.

July 2, 2020

First Look:
PAI Sandman
Doppler (Beta)

July 3, 2020

Second Look:
PAI Sandman
Doppler (Beta)

And in lieu of editing this post later when I leave further reviews and comments about this product, you can use the following links to keep up and see more: