Sunday, August 23, 2020

Kneel Down and Obey

you're happy cause you smile/but how much can you fake?

It's exhausting having parents who think you can do anything. Classic boomers, amirite?

If I make something out of K'nex, a combination mousing-platform/shoe rack/phone charger or a bedside table or a picture frame... "Hey, why don't you do something like that professionally?"

If I make clothes or hats or luggage or steering wheel covers on my sewing machine... "Hey, why don't you make a business out of that?" it in my head/we'll just laugh instead...

If I make a spreadsheet that tracks something they can't even understand... "Hey, what can you do with that?"

If I find joy in my job, which is just a job and not a career... "Hey, why don't you..." ordinary boy, an ordinary name...

Hey, why don't you fuck off? Anything I can do, someone else can do better. And already does. And nobody cares. I'm pretty damn ordinary. And nobody's shopping for ordinary. Maybe thirty years ago, good enough was enough, but it isn't anymore.

Even if I'm one in a million (and I'm not, trust me) there's about 7,800 people in the world just like me.

...but ordinary's just not good enough today

"Superman's Dead" by Our Lady Peace
Sure, my dad recounts the days when he spent more time building presentations for his boss because the boss couldn't be bothered to learn how to use PowerPoint. But that was 20 or more years ago. That world is long gone.

And participation trophies don't pay rent.