Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sparrow Is No Eddie

Eddie has been gone a little over a year now and... well, I know I'll always miss him. I meant for a long time to do a review of him like all my other product reviews, but I don't know if that's ever going to happen now.

Instead, I think we're going to look at my new car, Sparrow, who I've had for a little less than a year.

He's a 2019 Honda HR-V LX 2WD, which mostly just means he's got slightly less storage than the much more common CR-V and slightly less passenger foot-room. Between the slight difference in space and the curvature of the roof, there really isn't much difference between the HR-Vs and the CR-Vs.

the color
is called
"Black Pearl"

Well, except the rear-seat door handles.

Sparrow's name is no less nerd-sniping than Eddie's was, though perhaps less convoluted and catering to a larger audience.

"Eh, it's got enough, let's just leave it empty."

It's strange. I bought a larger car but it feels like there's fewer places to put things. Eddie had pockets and shelves and hidey-holes pretty much anywhere there was wasted space, like behind the steering wheel. Sparrow may have more total storage, but it's less considerate of the user. There's hardly any storage under the front seats, for example, which are on platforms; I don't know if there's part of the engine, or battery, or fluid reservoir in that space, but from the inside, it seems pretty wasteful. Older CR-V models have a drawer there to put stuff in.

For Eddie...
every little space was used or made usable

Eddie also had a storage space inside the hatchback door. Sparrow has nothing close to that; the rear storage area is just one big space, aside from the spare tire compartment underneath the deck. It's where you'd find the engine on Eddie.

It feels like there's a lot of wasted space in Sparrow, like the designers had room to put something and went, "Eh, it's got enough, let's just leave it empty." For Eddie, every little thing was thought about, every little space was used or made usable; even the ceiling piece had a little cut-out in the middle front edge against the windshield, as if they expected their customer to possibly have a dashcam power cable that needed to be tucked out of the way.

At least they both had the cargo compartment coated in velcro-receiver, so it's really easy to anchor everything down. (That's how I managed to get myself on Uline's mailing list in the first place: item S-19442.)

Sew-on Strips
Hook, Black,
4" x 75'


But Eddie was a car that I loved, will always be a car that I loved, and Sparrow is just a people-and-stuff mover.

While yes, I could fit my Swiftlet hammock stand in Eddie, there's no way I'd have been able to carry that along with my origami kayak; I would have to choose. With Sparrow, not only do I not have to choose, I've made my Swiftlet a semi-permanent fixture in Sparrow, keeping the right third of the rear seat in the flat position and reducing it to a three-seater. And when I want to go kayaking, it fits in the left two-thirds of the rear seat, folding the seat up to store tall things.

Eddie was a car that I loved...
Sparrow is just a
stuff mover.

The back-up camera is nice, and I don't think I'd be able to comfortably drive such a large (I know it's not that large but it still feels it, to me) without out it. Of course, you didn't need one in Eddie; I could almost touch the rear window without unbuckling my seat belt. The daytime running lights on the front are also nice, for those times when headlights are more a courtesy than required.

Sparrow doesn't have a sun-roof or a moon-roof, and honestly I don't miss it. It was nice in Eddie because it helped the car feel less claustrophobic when driving with someone who wasn't used to the space, and made watching the stars or the weather pretty easy; but it's one more window to worry about closing, and I've already got two more than I'm used to to keep track of.

Sparrow has a lot of nice things, but Eddie had more, and space to sleep in the back notwithstanding, I'd rather have my Eddie.