Sunday, November 29, 2020

Post November Review

It's been quite a month.

I wouldn't say it's been unproductive either.

I certainly wouldn't say I've burned out. But I did hit a snag... I simply ran out of ideas before the month was over.

I brought five short stories to what could be considered some degree of completion, though I could probably tie them up a little prettier than they currently are.

I have one short started, but I kind of wrote myself into a dead-end and haven't been able to find my way out of it.

I have one title for a short story that I want to write, if only I could come up with the arc for it.

For not setting myself a word limit or goal, I'd say I've done pretty well for myself. Almost 13,000 all told, and that's leagues better than I usually do.

And now it's back to the drawing board for my blog posts... anyone have any ideas for me? or any requests?