Sunday, January 10, 2021

Featured Tag: "on writing"

If metacognition is thinking about thinking, does that make metascription writing about writing? I know it's a brand name for a medical transcription service, but if the root fits...

This week we're looking at another of my top tags, in celebration of my upcoming decade of blogging.


This past November saw me diving back into National Novel Writing Month, though my approach would have been perhaps better suited for August's WeSeWriMo.

There are no hard and fast rules for writing a novel, though too many published writers continue to produce not because they're overflowing with ideas, but because they found a formula that allows them to churn out a maximum of words with a minimum of effort.

This year, I tried to write a series of short stories, and I was moderately successful.

The problem with the official NaNoWriMo movement is that they sell the idea that there's only one way to write a novel, and I'm hear to say that's simply not true.

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Some things I write mostly write themselves. Some things I write are forced or coerced in some way.

Except, you as the reader mostly can't tell the difference unless I point it out. And I sometimes forget where my Sisyphean mountain ends and the valley of pure inspiration begins.

Unless I do something silly and call attention to it.

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Occasionally, I do find myself entrenched in something that feels like my element. Like I'm doing something I was meant to do, or being somewhere I was meant to be. I can actually tell you how often it happens, because I log it in the mental wellness tracker I use.

It happened 20 times in 2020 and 31 times in 2019.

Sometimes, it's people I find, moments where we mesh perfectly. Sometimes, it's moments that I find, in words or stories.

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