Sunday, January 31, 2021

Featured Tag: "politics"

Though two posts mentioning politics technically appeared before it, my first deliberate foray into discussing politics didn't happen until January of 2013. I had been deliberately avoiding it because of the contentious nature of the subject, and in more recent years I've found it to be even worse than that of religion (which was featured in my very first entries, go figure).

Fortunately, those few people who provide me with feedback on my material seem to either agree with me or at least not take my perspective as a personal insult.

And over the years, my views have changed to some degree, though perhaps not in the direction you might suspect.

In 2013, I outed myself as a Libertarian.

In 2016, I upgraded myself to rational anarchist.

In both posts, I used the same source material. Go figure.

And in this past year I told you about how I vote, which is entirely counter to my personal stance. Because, after all, what makes the best sense for me doesn't necessarily apply to the greater world.

The past four and a bit years have brought a contentious name into my tags list, one which most definitely will not be getting his own featured post. Trump got four mentions from me:

  1. IIWK: You Get What You Paid For (2 October 2016)
  2. Politics In My (And Your) Face (13 November 2016)
  3. Sometimes Burying Your Head In The Sand Is The Right Thing To Do (22 January 2017)
  4. Rebuild Together (8 September 2019)

I won't say that I still agree with all the things I've written in the past (and this is one of the topics that it holds most true) but that's all a part of growing. We all change, even as much as we may fear it. And those comments I may have made that no longer reflect my outlook were steps in my evolution; the bad stuff that happens to us something shapes us more than the good.

As the primary purposes of this blog have been maintained through the years (though I've certain tried--with varying degrees of success--to tack on others) to improve my writing and to share my perspective, sharing my growth is also a part of that. Unless I said something factually wrong--and I've done my best to note those few instances where I could and correct as possible--everything is here to stay.

Well, "here" being my blog, not necessarily this particular host.