Sunday, January 17, 2021

Featured Tag: "work"

In the last nine and a bit years since I've started this blog, I've worked in customer service, tech support, sales, warehousing, inventory management, telemarketing, greeting, and food service. It's been quite a journey, and I've learned some lessons along the way.

  1. Money isn't everything. (28 June 2020)
  2. It's better to have too much data than not enough data. (23 February 2020)
  3. Over-reporting can be just as bad as under-reporting. (3 December 2017)
  4. Malicious compliance is wasted on some people, but that doesn't make it any less fun. (11 September 2016)
  5. A little bit of history... (27 December 2015)
  6. Nothing is universal. (21 December 2014)
  7. Just because something sounds like a good idea doesn't mean it is. (17 November 2013)
  8. Anything more than 100% effort is a lie at best and propaganda at worst. (28 June 2012)
  9. Cause and effect is more complicated than it sounds. (24 June 2012)
  10. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do. (6 October 2011)
  11. Charity is good but not simple. (1 February 2011)