Sunday, February 21, 2021

Featured Tag: "Orson Scott Card"

Welcome to part two of Most Quoted People on my blog. Last time it was (to no surprise) Neil Gaiman. This time we're looking at the man who wrote the book that introduced me to modern science fiction: Orson Scott Card.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: he's homophobic and I don't support that decision of his. And I do believe that homophobia is a decision, not a lifestyle. Hatred and intolerance aren't something you're born with, they're something you're taught.

That said, let's jump right into the quotes.


When I'm [on the water] it's like being weightless. I miss being weightless. (24 May 2020)

This is a beautiful language... and I understand your pride in it. (2 November 2014)

I'm a scholar, pretending... because I couldn't find any other work that would keep me alive. (14 September 2014)

Not that Rigg couldn't show emotion--but why would he bother when he didn't know anyone was watching? (27 July 2014)

You made connections in your mind. You asked questions... Questions no expert would have ever asked. Yet they were exactly the questions that led... [to] breakthroughs. (25 October 2011)

We prescribe our own medicine for each other. (24 October 2011)

I was violating orders every time I fired my gun. (6 October 2011)


I don't actually have a quote on this post, but how could I resist mentioning one of my most successful posts: The Wiggin Effect (10 November 2013)