Sunday, May 16, 2021

Week 7

As you might have noticed from last week's post... things have changed.

For the first year since I started writing for myself (instead of just for school), and the first time since I started participating in National Poetry Writing Month (henceforth NaPoWriMo), I actually completed it. Thirty poems in thirty days, one every day.

In light of this (and in light of nobody caring about my 10-year blogging anniversary that's approaching), I've decided to switch up my content. Again.

I'm taking a deliberate break from blogging, and I don't know how long it will be.

I'm switching focus to keeping to a poem a day. I'm not going to worry about missing days... but I am going to try not to. I might post something here occassionally, if there's something on my mind that won't find in a poem, but don't expect much of those.

All you may be seeing for the forseeable future are those 7 numbers at the top. And if you hadn't figured them out by now, it's the last 7 calendar days. Click on any day, and it will take you to the poem I wrote for that day. But I'm building these out ahead of time, so if I miss a day, I might not remember to remove the link; so if you click on it and it gives you an error, that's probably why.

So it might become PerPoWriYo... eh, could be worse. (That's Personal Poetry Writing Year, if I lost you, and yes, I know there's no "o" in "year.")

Other than that...

I'll see you when I see you.