Is there a question you have but it isn't answered here? Ask.
Last updated 13 August 2020
Why do you write?
Because I can. Because I need to.

No, really. Why?
I write to get words out of my head. They hurt if they're kept locked up too long.

But why do you post them here?
I know my topics aren't entirely original. I know there are plenty of bloggers and journalists with more qualifications and experience than I have covering many of the same topics and issues I have. But what I haven't seen is someone else writing the way I can.

Where did the name "Dream Classier" come from?
The movie Inception. Yes, really. There's a line in there that I liked, but I didn't think was entirely honest (among many of their claims about dreaming), so I gave it my own spin, and coincidentally, my spin didn't come up in any search engine results, so I knew I had a winner. 

Why do you put links in the middle of posts on random words?
I've written on a lot of topics with a lot of tags. I tag my posts generously, not just for your sake, but also mine. Unfortunately, the tag list can be rather daunting, even to me, and if you find yourself wanting to know more about some topic or another, maybe you're more comfortable clicking a mid-post link rather than hunting for one down below.

Why do you have advertisements?
Because keeping this website going isn't free, and money isn't rolling in. I don't work a well-paying job, but I do work a job that allows me to redirect some of my brain-power to focus on my writing without my work suffering or losing the roof over my head. If you don't like the ads, maybe you could help me out in some way. 

Where did your Around the Web page go?
It has been moved to my written art blog. While the link on DreamClassier has disappeared, the page is still here. For reasons of symmetry and appearance (and using the header for other things) I've removed the link from the header.

Why does this blog look so different on mobile devices?
I get a report from Google, generated automatically, whenever I try to change something too drastically that affects how this blog is viewed on mobile devices. Mobile browsers frequently ignore many CSS scripts that are used to make the desktop version more readable. Personally, I prefer the desktop version, even when using a mobile device and mobile browser, which does correctly render the CSS scripts.

To access the desktop version of this blog on any device, click or tap the URL bar of your web browser. If you are looking at the mobile version, there will be "?m=1" added to the end of the website URL. Correct it to "?m=0" and the website will be rendered in desktop mode. Alternatively, you can select in your browser options "View Desktop version" (though it may be worded slightly differently).

Please note that different webhosts use different means of controlling which version you're looking at, and "?m=0" may only work on Blogger-based websites.

What qualifications make you an expert in dreaming?
These do.

Why don't you support dream interpretation?
See this post.

I don't dream.
While that's not technically a question, I'll still answer it. You do dream. Everybody dreams. Some people just never remember their dreams; I know, it's unfair that some people can lucid dream without practicing, and you can't even remember that you did dream.

A post on getting started remembering your dreams is available here.

Why should I know these words that you choose?
You shouldn't. My word list isn't any better than anybody else's word list, though I'll admit to trying to use words that I either: use regularly myself and have people ask me what I just said, get bothered when people use them wrong (like decimate), or that I've found and think they are fun to say. The point is to stretch your mind, to keep learning, nothing more.

Why do you highlight the words in orange?
Because it stands out well on the black background so you don't have to hunt through the quotes looking for the word just in case you skim over it quickly, and because I like orange.

Why do you use quotes instead of just providing definitions?
Anybody can pull dictionary definitions out of a hat (or a dictionary). The definition doesn't always give you good context or show real-life usage of the words.

Do you ever choose words that you don't know the definition to?
Yes. My brain could use the exercise too.

Can I submit my own words?
At this time, not without a Patreon donation. I've got a stack of over 60 words, which would more than cover my posts for a year if I posted nothing but, and I won't do that unless I hit a really rough dry spell.

What is DRCL?
DRCL is my second domain, run through Google Domains. The name comes from the first two letters of Dream and Classier.

What is the DreamC Network?
It's a collection of all the blogs and sites on the Blogger platform that I run. Aside from a few early examples, they all follow the same name-scheme. DreamClassier, DreamCreativer, DreamCollectiveliver, and so on.

What are the exceptions to the naming scheme?
TIMM, for my written art; and YSTML, for my skipping journal.

Why did you start the DreamC Network?
Because I had a lot of things I wanted to write and they didn't feel appropriate going on DreamClassier or TIMM. I was spontaneously inspired to come up with a series of blog names that all started with the letter C, and it just grew from there. I still periodically conceive of new ones that sound catchy to me, and if it seems like something I could grow into, I reserve the name and see what happens.

Is there a complete list of the blogs you run?
No. There's an incomplete list on the DRCL homepage, a highlighted selection of my most perused blogs in the footer of most of my blogs, but nothing more than that. Yet.

How do you pronounce DRCL?
The official pronunciation is "dee-arr-see-ell," though I've heard "drooly-cooley," "dracul," and "drickle" (rhymes with trickle).