Do Not Sell My Personal Information

In compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2020, this page has been launched.

As per notice on our Privacy Policy, and the DreamC Network as a whole does not surreptitiously collect personal data from our visitors. All personal data collected by the DreamC Network is limited to:
  1. Data collected and anonymized by Google, provided in the form of analytics, and
  2. Data collected by Ace Edmonds via user polls and comments, provided by the visitor.
Data collected by Google
To manage what data is collected by Google, the visitor must contact Google. You can view Google's Privacy statement here and Google's GDPR Compliance statement here.

Data collected by Ace Edmonds 
The DreamC Network does not sell, publicize, or distribute any data provided to it via direct interaction with visitors. If you wish to have any information you have provided to the DreamC Network removed from our collection, contact dreamer [at] Include any aliases you have used while interacting with DreamC Network member sites, and your personal information will be removed with all possible haste.

Due to privacy of all visitors, the DreamC Network will not publicize what classifications of data it has collected through direct interaction with visitors.

This page was last updated 2019-12-31 13:57 CST