Privacy Policy and all associated blogs (full list) (henceforth "we") are operate on the Blogger platform provided by Google. We have no direct access to any user data as gathered by Google Analytics.

We have access only to generalized location data that is anonymized though Google Analytics. This includes regional geographic data as provided by your Internet Service Provider, duration of site visit, and pages on this site that you have visited. We also have some very limited information on what website domain brought you to this site.

We do not have access within Google's Blogger or Analytics services to provide to external parties or delete what information has been received.

We do not share our analytics information with third parties. We do not host any widgets on our site intended for the purpose of third party tracking or analytics outside of those that Google provides.

You can view Google's Privacy statement here and Google's GDPR Compliance statement here.

This page was last edited on 2019-04-26.